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The best bags money can buy...

Ogio (pronounced oh-jee-oh)

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OgioOrgio.jpgYou want your bags to last right? You want to be able stuff them full of clothes, boards, helmets, computers and cameras, right? And most of all, you want to be able to immediately identify them the minute they hit a baggage carousel, right? The folks at Ogio helped us pick these out and I swear to you that these 9800's could store our entire house. These bags, and for that matter, every bag Ogio produces are beyond sturdy, and very intelligently designed. When you see a traveler carrying an Ogio bag, you'll know two things about them. One, that they appreciate great value and quality, and two, they must be really smart :-) Also, thanks to the folks at Ogio we were able to get their loudest and juciest color, and embroider our trip Logo (yep we actually have one) and initials on the bags. Worry no more about some unruly thief trying to claim one of these bags as their own. These bags are da’ bomb!

Quick update on those bags after slogging them all the way to Beijing... they are so big that we exceeded the airline's maximum weight by roughly 20 to 30 lbs - per bag. We even over stuffed our backpacks. Yep, we could have packed lighter, but after loading 9 months of clothes and books, etc.. we couldn't imagine packing less. I guess we have crappy imaginations, because we are now reluctantly trying to jettison clothes and other stuff like a conflicted mother sending her first child off to college, when she really wants his bedroom for her own office.

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The Itinerary...

Maybe we should call this the warp tour.....?

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So what should our first blog entry be? Hmmmmm…. how ‘bout our itinerary, so you can get an idea of just how crazy-sick this trip will be. I don’t mean crazy-sick in the “please hospitalize us and put us on lithium immediately” way. I mean it in the – “it’s so ridiculous that we’re having trouble wrapping our heads around it” way… So here is the itinerary so far…

Beijing, China: 10/9/2007 – 10/19/2007
Xining, China: 10/20/2007 – 10/21/2007
Lhasa, Tibet: 10/22/2007 – 10/26/2007
Chengdu, China: 10/27/2007 – 10/28/2007
Jiu Zhai, Gou, China: 10/29/2007 – 10/30/2007
Lijiang , China: 10/31/2007 – 11/3/2007
Shanghai, China: 11/4/2007 – 11/7/2007
Hong Kong, China: 11/8/2007 – 11/11/2007
Sydney, Australia: 11/12/2007 – 11/19/2007
Melbourne, Australia: 11/20/2007 – 11/25/2007
Herron Island, Great Barrier Reef: 11/26/2007 – 11/30/2007
Noosa, Australia: 12/1/2007 – 1/3/2008
Auckland, New Zealand: 1/4/2008 – 1/6/2008
New Zealand, North Island: (camper van) 1/7/2008 – 1/20/2008
New Zealand, South Island: (camper van) 1/21/2008 – 2/2/2008
Christchurch, New Zealand: 2/3/2008 – 2/4/2008
Ghana, Africa (maybe Kenya too): 2/5/2008 – 3/4/2008
Johannesburg, South Africa: 3/5/2008 – 3/7/2008
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe & Zambia: 3/8/2008 – 3/10/2008
Okavango Delta & the Kalahari Desert, Botswana: 3/11/2008 – 3/24/2008
Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa: 3/25/2008 – 4/09/2008
Istanbul, Turkey: 4/10/2008 – 4/17/2008
Lucca Italy (and all over Italy by train): 4/18/2008 – 5/09/2008
Other parts of Europe TBD: 5/10/2008 – 6/14/2008 .. ?

This is our best guess (and bookings) so far…. but I suppose something could lead us off this path… We're leaving the the rest of our European travel unscheduled for now....

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